DIY Pinecone Centerpiece!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

1. Assorted colorful spray paint (Home Depot, $3.44).
2. Clear container (Burlington, $4.99).
3. Pinecones (Backyard, free! You can also find them at the craft store).

You can skip the first two steps but I do recommend them if you gather your pinecones from your backyard like I did

1. Place your pinecones on a baking tray, be sure to line it with wax paper so the sap doesn't get all over your tray. 
2. Bake them at 250°F for about an hour. This will sterilize the pinecones and take out any moisture which will give them a really nice shape. 
3. Spray paint your pinecones. I did this by holding them by the tip so I do recommend wearing gloves for this step. Be sure to spray paint the pine cones while holding them facing up as well as down. This will ensure that they are fully coated on all sides since they do have a lot of crevices. 
4. Let your pinecones dry for a few hours.
5. Place your dry pinecones into your container. Be sure to do this gently as they are slightly brittle.

I hope you guys enjoyed this super simple DIY. I absolutely love the way these pinecones turned out and I'm probably going to make a few more of these to scatter throughout the apartment. I think that this is a super fun way to decorate for fall while still keeping it fun and colorful! 
Let me know if you try this DIY yourself!
Happy Saturday! 

Life Lately.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hi everyone! Recently I spent some time with my best friend, Isabella. We went on a little shopping trip where I picked up a few craft supplies and some Halloween goodies. I love this time of year and I can't wait to get to work on some new DIY decorations for my apartment! Afterwards, we had a late breakfast lunch at one of our favorite crepe cafes. I ordered a s'mores crepe because I'm obsessed with all things s'mores, yum! Speaking of s'mores, I can't wait to start using our fireplace again! It doesn't get any better than roasting marshmallows and drinking a nice cup of tea with the fire going on a chilly fall day! Aside from that I've been spending my time hanging out with Marc, snuggling with the cats, watching lots of Doctor Who, playing The Sims 4, and doing a bit of schoolwork.

How have you been spending  your September so far?
Happy Tuesday! 

This Week.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hi everyone! I can not tell you guys how happy I am that these last two weeks are over! Like I mentioned before I took last week off of work in order to study for my HESI exam this Tuesday. To my surprise I did an excellent job overall so it was well worth loosing half my paycheck. I've also submitted my personal statement along with my transcripts so all I can do now is wait. My admissions adviser has told me that I have a competitive application so I'm cautiously optimistic. I also started school and I've had an increase in my hours at work (I think it's time to ask for a raise!) so this weekend I'll be playing catch up on everything that I've had to neglect in the last two weeks. I'm just thankful to be finished with the application process, it's out of my hands now so I can get back to focusing on real life. Phew!

How did you spend your week?
Happy weekend!

Happy September!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hi everyone! Where has this year gone?! We're already welcoming September and before we know it the leaves will be changing colors and we'll be wearing our favorite fall boots! I can't say that I'm sad to see summer go, but I did genuinely enjoy it this year. Usually I'm not a fan at all but I feel like I turned over a new leaf this year. Fit & flare dresses and bright colors were a big hit for me throughout the summer months. But I'm excited for the weather to start cooling down and to be able to bring my ankle boots and parkas out of the back of my closet. Mostly though I'm looking forward to October. It's my favorite month and Marc and I will be celebrating our fourth anniversary this year!

What are you looking forward to this month?
Happy September!

August Beauty Favorites!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hi everyone! I thought I'd give the monthly favorites segment a go! I'm always trying new products so I thought it would be fun to share those with you guys! These are all products that I really like and that I've been using on a daily basis this month. Hope you enjoy! 

Skinny smolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner by Tarte in Moonstone Brown - I'm always on the lookout for a brown eye liner. They're my favorite to use because they're a little more natural and less harsh. This is such a gorgeous rich brown and it glides on very smoothly, too. It also comes with a smudger on the opposite end which I don't use since I only use it to line my water line. I'll definitely be picking up this liner in more colors!

Hoola Bronzer by Benefit - I have a fairly light complexion and so I've always been apprehensive about trying a bronzer. But I decided to give this one a try since I've used some of the other boxed blushes from Benefit before and I really liked them. This bronzer turned out to be really great for me. It blends well with my skin and gives me a subtle bronzed sun-kissed look which I love. It's also buildable if you have a darker complexion or prefer a more bronzed look.

Dream Fresh BB 8-In-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector by Maybelline in Light - Since it's summer I don't want to cake on a ton of product onto my face. So I've been skipping the foundation and powder and just using this BB cream. It's creamy and it provides a good amount of coverage and makes my skin look fresh and glowing. It's perfect for when you want a natural finish and don't want a ton of product on your face.

Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline in Light - I love this concealer! It gives me great coverage and stays on and doesn't budge throughout the day. I use this mostly under my eyes and on little blemishes on my face. It honestly does a better job at concealing my under eye circles than some of the higher end concealers I've tried. I do like to use this under my Benefit Fakeup concealer, also in the shade light, and the combination of the two works wonders for my under eye circles!

Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain by Revlon in Sweetheart - I love, love, love this line of lip stains! I almost have all of them now which I don't usually do with products. They are creamy, moisturizing, and very pigmented. They stay on nearly all day and give a nice natural tint to your lips. I love a bright pink lip and this shade is perfect for that. I've been wearing this literally every single day since I've gotten it. If you get the chance you should definitely try this product!

Hope you guys enjoyed this segment and maybe found a product you would like to try yourself. If you do, I would love to hear your thoughts!

What have been some of your makeup favorites this month?

Tests and Cats.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hi everyone! I've finally submitted my application to my (hopefully!) future nursing school! I'll be taking my HESI entrance exam next Tuesday so I've taken the week off of work in order to study and prepare! I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried. Admittedly, I don't have a 4.0 GPA but my adviser told me that as long as I do well on the exam I shouldn't have anything to worry about. So, you know, no pressure! Wish me luck you guys because I'm stressing out over here!

I leave you with a photo of Tobias. He's spent all day bugging me for attention! I swear it's because he knows I'm busy!
Happy Wednesday!

From the Weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hi everyone! Unfortunately the weekend has passed and today was my first day back to class! I spent my weekend preparing myself and going on a shopping trip with my little cousin for school supplies. She's going to be starting her sophomore year of high school next week, which seriously blows my mind!

Aside from getting ready for school we've had atrocious weather here! We had a really big storm on Saturday and a small portion of our apartment flooded. Nothing major, thankfully nothing was ruined, but the clean up was still a pain. This happened to several of our neighbors and our entire side of the block lost power for several long hours. After the storm had passed I made my way to the moll to kill some time until our power came back. This of course wasn't the greatest idea and I ended up with a bunch of new goodies I probably didn't need!

How did you spend your weekend?
Happy week!